A Little Story About Frogs

Here’s an interesting fact of which you may not be aware: If you place a frog in boiling water, it will immediately jump out. If you place a frog in lukewarm or slightly-above room temperature water, and gradually increase the temperature over time, it will not move and allow itself to be boiled to death.

How is this relevant to the current human condition? Simple…when it comes to our children, the gradual increase of poison directed at them has steadily been on the increase in society for quite some time. Let’s take a look at how this unfolds throughout the lives of our children.

First, the assault begins in utero (it actually begins earlier depending on the nutritional status and internal environment of the mother prior to conceiving), when, as a growing fetus/organism, the child is subjected to the damaging effects of ultrasound. As if the normal ultrasound regimen isn’t bad enough, people are now hopped up on these 3D ultrasound parties where the whole family watches as the child is blasted with ultrasound and the accompanying heat for half an hour or more. This is not without consequence to the developing brain and visceral organs of the child, amongst other things. The water gets just a little hotter, and no one notices.

Next, we really begin to turn up the heat with the less-than-ideal obstetrical and delivery methods. Everything from scheduled inductions, C-sections, epidurals, suction, forceps, and other ultra-aggressive delivery methods, all designed specifically to assault the child and induce some level of implicit emotional memory trauma during its transition into this place we call Earth. Yes, I am aware that in some cases these things can be necessary. My son’s life was saved by an emergency C-section due to a true knot that formed in his umbilical cord, and my wife and I are forever grateful to the physician who performed the procedure. So please, spare me the comments of, “Oh, you would feel differently if it was your child.” It is my child, and no, I don’t feel differently.

The delivery methods are immediately followed up by further indoctrination of the child into the most celebrated aspect of stealth euthanasia – the vaccine program. Here, we really see the temperature of the water rising – though few question the heat. A near four-fold increase in the exposure to vaccines since I was my youngest son’s age in 1983, and what has that accomplished? Absolutely nothing, other than rising profits for Big Pharma. Children are injected with toxic chemicals, most of which their parents have never heard of, know nothing about, and do not have the slightest of interests in investigating for themselves. Injected with chemicals believing that somehow, by sheer magic, toxic chemicals will bring about a healthy child. This only makes sense if one refuses to think about it.

The temperature continues to climb as the child is exposed to baby formula and baby “food,” or more accurately stated, food-like substances. Formulas are again, in 99.9% of cases, nothing more than additional toxic exposure loaded with chemicals that alter brain chemistry, endocrine function, and completely assault the infant’s digestive system. Soy and other formulas disguised as a “healthy alternative” specifically designed to create physiological chaos. These types of formulas and supplemental drinks serve absolutely zero health purpose whatsoever. I have written on some of this before.

Following the formula poisoning, the child begins to be introduced to “solids.” This continues the assault on the primary biological oscillators (the gut, heart, and brain) with a food supply that isn’t really food. Just look around at how many children toddler-age or younger are fed Easy-Mac, chicken nuggets, and something that masquerades as fruit juice. Over 10,000 man-made chemicals have been added to the food supply in the last 75-100 years, with LESS THAN 3% of these chemicals ever truly being tested for effects on human physiology in ANY QUANTITY. This slow poisoning process starts super early and continues for most human beings for the rest of their natural lives. Many parents will try to make up for a completely dysfunctional nutritional regimen with commercial vitamins, which aren’t actually vitamins at all. All the while, the child grows into an adolescent, young adult, and then full adult (though very FEW ever reach true adulthood) slowly poisoning themselves into an early grave the entire time. This says nothing of the use of other “good time” poisons like alcohol, tobacco, recreational drug use and the like throughout “adulthood.”

At some point, the child will begin to brush his/her teeth with a toothpaste that will undoubtedly contain fluoride. Fluoride is a halogen that has MANY destructive properties to human body. Then, in some areas, there are large legislative pushes for water fluoridation. Another nonsensical recommendation designed to contaminate drinking water not based on any science whatsoever.  

These same infants, toddlers, children will inevitably get sick at some point – largely due to the massive toxic load to which they have been exposed via injection, inhalation, ingestion, or topical contact. What happens then – bring on the medication. At least 11% of these kids will end up diagnosed with a supposed learning disability or attention deficit issue of some kind (ADD, ADHA, etc.). Antibiotics, children’s Tylenol, Adderall, etc. … more toxic exposure and metabolic burden from which the organism must fight to recover.

Water gets a little hotter still…

Add to all of the above, the mind programming tactics of children’s movies, the tell-LIE-vision, the complete abomination of an educational system, fast” food”, constant bombardment from Wifi radiation (cell phones, laptops, iPads, etc.), the mind-numbing effects of endless video gaming, microwaved food-like substances, school lunches that an intelligent animal would not eat on a regular basis, and on and on the list goes…and it is damn near an endless list.   I will stop there in the interest of brevity.

As it currently stands, the water is probably somewhere close to 210 degrees – damn near boiling (212) – and time is of the essence.

We are way past-due for an increase in consciousness, an increase in awareness of what we are really doing to our children. Look up the health (or illness rather) statistics in the youth population of the world today. What do you think you will find? More illness, more disease, more degeneration in the young than ever before in history. What does this say about our modern, “civilized” society? Not much in my opinion. Our children are akin to the canaries that miners would use to alert them if the environment in the mine was becoming too toxic for humans to survive without serious ill-effects. When the canaries start dropping dead, it’s time to exit the mine.

What is the state of health, or lack thereof, of our children telling us about what our external environment (air, food, water, etc.) is doing to our internal environment (pH, hormones, visceral organs, etc.).

The water will soon be at a rolling boil folks – it is time to cultivate awareness, adult up, create a shift, and PROTECT OUR CHILDREN!

For those interested, here are a few resources related to the topics discussed above. This is by NO MEANS anywhere close to a comprehensive compilation of the research in any one of these areas, rather these are decent starting points.

1. A Mother’s Unhealthy Food and Lifestyle Choices Before and During Pregnancy – http://bit.ly/1WLjFjA
2. Ultrasound – http://bit.ly/1Q6TZub and http://bit.ly/2krzkt1
3. Medical System Birthing – induction medication, epidurals, medical traumas for mother and baby that lead to massive psychological problems for everyone in the family unit – http://bit.ly/2b3h6KL
4. C-sections – http://bit.ly/1w88Ts8
5. Vaccination – http://bit.ly/1Ip0aIm and http://bit.ly/2vAyUDi
6. Infant Formula – http://bit.ly/1igTAtU
7. Soy Products – http://bit.ly/1L11Rxg
8. Behavior Medication – http://bit.ly/1GHpCVD
9. Antibiotics – http://bit.ly/1EwiQpP
10. Children’s Tylenol – http://bit.ly/1fTANmo
11. Commercial Fruit Juice – http://bit.ly/1VuoJrZ
12. Fluoride Tooth Paste – http://bit.ly/1UpYTD3
13. Microwaved Food – http://bit.ly/1oZ3YJx
14. Commercial Vitamins – http://bit.ly/1IFvTk1
15. GMO Foods – http://bit.ly/1L1LYSL
16. Sugar and Junk Food – http://bit.ly/1sXZyhh
17. Cell Phones/Wireless Internet – http://bit.ly/2yXr9d6



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