Ask Yourself if Brandon J. Alleman is Right for YOU

I have been very active in the health, fitness, and rehabilitation fields since 1999. During that nearly 16 year period of time, I have worked with close to 2,000 individuals. I have celebrated many case successes and learned through many case failures during my career. I have no issue saying that not everyone that has sought my help has met with success. I understand that I have to approach every case that I work with as a fallible human being. If a day comes and I am unable to do that…I’m done in this industry (and perhaps in Life).

I have no issue admitting that I am NOT a “people” person. Even though I work with people on a daily basis, the truth is I am much more of an introvert. I have never been a fan of the “night life.” In fact, my feeling is that the “night life” is completely stupid, useless, and pretty much sucks all around. I prefer quiet settings with friends. I would much rather cook a really healthy meal, have a select few special friends over, and have some deep, meaningful, solving-the-world’s-problems kind of conversations. I cannot stand large crowds where I am forced into meaningless conversation that essentially does nothing except create more stress on my tempero-mandibular joint and limbic system.

I am a HUGE fan of relaxing during my down time. I love movies and educational, informative documentaries. I read a LOT. I love reading books, journals, articles, and any other form of literature involving the body-mind, physiology, and biomechanics. I am fascinated by quantum and advanced theoretical physics and read literature related to those topics constantly. I continuously study the mechanics of consciousness. I LOATHE mindless conversation. It means absolutely nothing and helps nothing and no one.

I am completely against dogmatic approaches to anything – especially food and exercise. Whatever is in discussion, there is more than one way to look at everything.

I eat things that most Health Professionals would deny they ever look at. I thoroughly enjoy Haagen Dazs ice cream (particularly chocolate-chocolate chip, caramel cone, and vanilla flavors), dark chocolate fudge, gelatin marshmallows, just about any cheesecake, and red velvet cake (no, I have not experienced the red velvet Oreo’s as of yet, but I will have those on vacation in a few months). Do I eat those every day. Hell no – although I did once eat a pint of Haagen Dazs ice cream every night for 17 straight days. Oddly enough, I actually got leaner during the process (no I don’t have pictures to prove it but I do have my skin fold measurements documented).

I don’t tell clients that they can think themselves healthy and well. The whole New Age positive thinking movement is a crock of s#!t. Surprise! You can think positively until you give yourself a migraine headache, unless you actually put in the work to accomplish what you are positively thinking about – nothing is going to happen. You can spend hours meditating and using visualization techniques to acquire a sexy new body, but unless you get your ass in the gym and dial in your nutrition, your body composition is not likely to change.

I have many FEARS. Having to “work” a job that I hate. Living a life that is unfulfilled and without purpose or meaning. Being a “normal” human being is absolutely frightening to me, especially when one considers what passes for “normal” these days.

I have misunderstood myself for a large part of my past, and out of that misunderstanding has come a huge disconnect with the “average” person. I have been told that I am “unrelatable.” I have been told on many an occasion that I am an ass****. Are these things true? Possibly…

At present, there are people who think that I am one of the smartest people on the planet and love what I do. There are also those who feel that the cheese has slid way off my cracker and that I am full of the biggest s#!t. That is not likely to change and I feel that both are really cool and afford many learning opportunities.

I have very little tolerance for stupidity and nonsensical bafoonery. I tend to point out when something is said or done that makes no sense or is based on nothing. I tend to require strange things like logic and reason when engaged in a conversation of any kind. Statements like, “Sugar is bad for you,” really piss me off.

I have avoided saying things that I have thought that others would not want me to say. I have avoided sharing opinions on certain topics in order to “keep the peace” in family situations and with clients. In doing so, I have lost pieces of myself. Regaining those pieces requires being truly authentic, even in situations that are very delicate in nature. Being authentic has the ability to give others permission to do the same. For me, this is important in a world that has most people wearing the mask that those around them prefer they wear. Over the years, being truly authentic has come easier but is certainly not without challenge – at least for me.

I tend to look and think about things a little bit differently – well, a lot differently – and I have finally fallen in love with that fact.

I want to continue to create a business that helps tons of people overcome chronic pain and health challenges, particularly those that have all but given up hope. I want to make a real difference. I want to make enough $$ to sustain the Life that I co-create and LIVE. I want to continue to grow personally and professionally – and I will do so on my own terms…I am that stubborn.

I am necessarily selfish. It is a Universal Law that you cannot give what you do not have. It is fairly common sensical to understand that one cannot help anyone else until one helps one’s self. I suppose the issue here is that common sense is not all that common.

I have no issue stating that I do not choose to share my energy with those who are not interested in helping themselves. I did this for years and felt like I was literally slamming my head against a wall wondering why individuals would not care enough to help themselves despite paying doctors, therapists, surgeons, and myself to be guided towards the help that they supposedly were seeking. This led to a large-scale study of mind-programming and mind-control over the last 10 years. What I learned, and continue to learn in this arena, has changed my world view substantially.

At the end of the day, I view my Life as one with meaning and purpose. I am dedicated to using my Life’s energy to helping people even though I may do that in ways that some do not approve.

If you work with me as a client, you get a Practitioner that will give you the truth about your situation. You get someone who is interested in helping you help yourself. You get someone who will back up claims with logic, reason, and common sense. You get someone who is every bit as invested in you restoring your health as you are.

We all get out of Life exactly what we put into it. I plan to continue to put a LOT of work into my own Life and to help others do the same. That is all…


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