9 Things I Learn (Relearn) Every January

Preface: The offering below may very well be offensive to some, and perhaps, many people. I do not apologize. These are things that are true for me looking through my lens of reality. Feel free to leave any comment(s) that you feel are justified – I do, and will always encourage that.

1. New Year’s Resolutions are Worthless

If you were truly intent on accomplishing something, you would not wait until the New Year to “resolve” to start the process of getting that s#*t done! People “resolve” to do things that are not part of their Core Values in Life. Therefore, in most cases, failure is near certain.

2. The Circus always comes to Town
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus must hold open auditions for the year’s circus tours at every commercial gym in January (and February). Based on what I see every January in the gym, Ringling Bros. will never have a shortage of very entertaining acts for their show!

3. The Illusion of Health is alive and Well
People will jump on anything that gives the appearance or illusion of health this time of year. From worthless “detoxes” and “cleanses” to the most ridiculous of dietary strategies, the illusion is worth more than actually putting in the real work necessary to create lasting health and wellness.

4. Pseudo-science has great Influence
In line with number 3, if you are aware of the power that the illusion of health possesses, you can make a fortune on some of the world’s dumbest exercise gadgets and dietary “practices.” Throw some fake scientific jargon and data on a blog, website, video, commercial, etc. and take advantage of the ignorance while lining your bank account. The cycle continues…

5. People love playing the Blame Game, but no one plays the Right Way
The average person spends February – December treating their bodies like absolute s#^t. Then, come January, swear that it was the Holiday Season that is responsible for their lack of health and weight gain. I’m not saying that pounds may not have been added during the holidays, but what about the other 10 or so months where you did not feed, exercise, or rest yourself appropriately. Heads up…It’s not the Holiday’s fault. Be an adult – Take responsibility for your health and your Life.

6. People’s Priorities are really f*@ked up!
People will spend hours and even days or weeks of time during a given year following a celebrity, reality TV show, watching the bought-and-paid-for news, but ask them to make a little time to actually learn how the body works and how to care for it – and you are asking for way too much. This, for me, represents the height of social ignorance and programming.

7. Everyone is suddenly an Expert
Come January, everyone knows exactly what you should be doing in the gym, with your nutrition, what you should be thinking, etc. in order to get healthy. Never mind the fact that these same individuals have not seen the inside of a gym in over 10 months; cannot name 3 kinds of root vegetables, and the only tropical fruit they eat comes in a bag with the slogan “Taste the Rainbow.”

8. Truth Seekers are a Rarity
When it comes to health, most will believe whatever they are told to believe by mainstream media, reality TV, celebrity stupidity, and the list goes on. The people who are truly willing to invest the time and energy into learning to care for their body are very few and far between. Those are the individuals, however, that experience permanent results in my experience.

9. You get Out Exactly what you Put In
Unfortunately, occasionally I have to train at a public gym. Each year I see the same people show up in January and February that have not made an appearance the other 10-11 months out of the year. I also see people trying “miracle” products to melt the fat off their bodies with “no change in diet or exercise.” I see people buying self-help books and trying to “positively think” themselves into better health and a better body. Listen, your body and your health are just like everything else in Life – you will get out of it exactly what you put in. Put in no real effort – get no real results. Period.


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