Creating Health

How many people do you know that have been on a “diet” or a very strict eating plan of some kind?  I know of, and have worked, with many.  Some of these individuals have even been very successful in their efforts.  I have known more than a few clients that have lost 50+ pounds through aggressive exercise routines and strict, regimented eating programs.  The thing is – not a single one of them were ever successful at keeping the weight off permanently.
These individuals have demonstrated a tremendous amount of determination, self-discipline, and willingness to put in the effort to lose the weight – only to end up right back where they started.  As a matter of fact, most of these people end up gaining all of the weight back PLUS at least 8% of the lost amount.  So if you lose 50 pounds, within one year, you are likely to gain back at least 54!  Sound familiar?  Sound frustrating?  Having to go through all of the pain and suffering of endless hours in the gym, probably executing exercise that is not even enjoyable, along with ridiculous strict dieting only to have to start the process all over again.  What is the definition of insanity again?
The situation at hand here is that individuals in the above scenario have learned to be effective dieters, but they have not learned how to be inherently healthy people.   Being able to “diet” does not create health…in fact, it often has the opposite effect.  Throughout the journey of dieting and destructive exercise, these individuals were never taught and certainly never cultivated the attributes of actually Be-ing healthy.  After working with clients with just about every imaginable health issue – and some that are unimaginable – I have observed certain characteristics of successful and truly healthy individuals.  Some of them are listed here:
1. Healthy people have a healthy relationship with food.  Healthy people do not view food as an obstacle that they must overcome to achieve a desired look.  They have an appreciation for the food that sustains life supporting biological processes.  They enjoy the food that they eat and recognize that eating good food is a way of nourishing mind, body, and Spirit.  They are conscious of the effect(s) of the foods that they eat on their energy levels, mental clarity, sleep quality, mood, and overall disposition.  They Love food for the opportunity it affords to sustain Life and Live the physical experience.
2. Healthy people do not follow the advice of “diet” books and are rarely on “diets”.  Truly healthy people have no need for “gimmick” diets and the so-called “expert” advice of the commercially available “diet” books.  Skipping meals, restricting calories, tapeworms, and feeding tubes from the nose to the stomach are completely foreign concepts that have no hold on their consciousness.  They eat freely of healthy foods as close to the way that Mother Nature herself provides them.  They do not go to extremes when it comes to their nutrition – in fact, they will steer clear of extremes in favor of balance, always.  They eat plenty of food and enjoy doing it.
3. Healthy people accept and Love their body and treat it with respect. The somewhat unpleasant fact here is that most people treat their body with blatant disrespect.  Using their stomach as a garbage can and giving no thought to what effect processed foods, chemicals, GMO’s, etc., have on the only vehicle they have for this Lifetime (not to mention the effect on the planet as a whole).  Truly healthy people have a great appreciation for the vehicle used to navigate the physical journey we call Life.  As such, they respect their bodies by choosing to put good “fuel” into it so that they can offer their best to the world each and every day. 
4. Healthy people do not attempt to compete with anyone – other than themselves.  Healthy people know the truth – there is no point in competing with others when it comes to body shape, size, or anything for that matter.  The only person a healthy individual competes with is themselves.  To better themselves a little each day is the only real concern.  “Keeping up with the Jones’” can be left to everyone else who is a fan of being a slave to the good opinion of other people.  A truly healthy person values their own opinion and makes decisions based their defined Core Values.  
5. Healthy people participate in enjoyable movement.  The locomotor system was designed for movement.  All healthy people move regularly in some way.  That movement may take any number of forms – Tai Chi, Yoga, Weight Training, Pilates, Walking, Sports, hiking, bike riding, Qi Gong, etc., etc.  Movement is Life and healthy people know this.  Having said that, stagnation is not the enemy – it can be quite useful.  Stagnation is an illusion of the Mind to spark the Body to change its repetitive tendencies.  If you are stagnant for long enough, the Body will encourage movement in one way or other.  Engaging in the right amount and type of exercise each day, week, and month is a necessary component of keeping the body healthy.  Movement is needed to pump fluid and energy through the vital organ systems of the body.  All healthy people choose to engage in a form of movement that they enjoy and they use it to establish a more intimate relationship with their body and how they feel. 
6. Healthy people take time for themselves.
Every single person on this planet makes decisions in their Life based on a given set of established/learned priorities.  What people are really saying when they say, “I don’t have time for ——,” is that they do not value ——, therefore they are unwilling to make time for it.  Healthy people value themselves and choose to make themselves a high priority in Life.  As such, you can regularly find them taking time for themselves to enjoy something that is authentically their own.  Some might mistake this for selfishness – it is not.  Taking time for yourself to do something that you truly enjoy is realizing the truth – you only get one Life (that you consciously remember in most cases) and it important to spend a good chunk of it doing things you enjoy.  A general rule of thumb is to dedicate 15% of the time you are awake each day to yourself.
In conclusion – truly healthy people do not take the Body for granted.  They take time every day, in one form or another (food, breath, movement, etc.) to get to know it, understand it, and learn from it.
Truly healthy people Love their Body.

Realize the truth – you already have a perfect body.  It was created that way.  Simply learn to give the Body what it requires and get yourself out of the way.
You will be amazed at the state of health that is created in the process.


Thanks for reading : )

Brandon J. Alleman

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