The Happy Medical Carousel

I have been a coach, trainer, and consultant in the health, rehabilitation, and fitness arena for over 14 years now.  In that time, I have seen thousands of clients who have spent a considerable amount of time (and money) on what I call the “medical merry-go-round.”  My average client has seen no less than a handful of physicians, from conventional to alternative of every type, for the same problem.  Many receive dual diagnoses and most are offered very few answers and left wondering where to turn next for viable solutions.  A guy like me is often a “last resort.”  Clients will say things like, “Well, honestly, I have tried everything else I can think of so what can you offer me.”  From my perspective, this is actually set up by design.  This “tail chasing” scenario is exactly what our current medical model was designed to produce, and from that perspective – it works like a charm!

A Quick Side Story
About 10 years ago I had a client who was dealing with debilitating low back pain tell me that he received 32 ESI’s (epidural steroid injections) in his spine over a 5 year span (and he was telling the truth) along with more than a few rounds of physical therapy at the recommendation of his doctor.  I asked him a simply question, “How many times would it take for you to take your car to the same mechanic for the same problem before your confidence in the mechanic would go down the toilet?”  His response was, “No more than 2.”  My next question, “So why treat your body with less respect than you have for your car?”  His response, “Because my doctor told me to.”  It was in this moment when I began to fully realize the power this system had over the psyche of the average person.  Incidentally, using an unconventional approach, he was able to overcome his issues within about 4-5 months of manual therapy and corrective exercise.          
Awakening Awareness…Sort Of
Some people are being made aware of the corruption in government, the corruption in the medical establishment, the fallacy of pharmacology, the massive conflicts of interest between the FDA, food and agricultural giants like Monsanto, the CDC, the NIH, the EPA and most every other government agency that claims to be dedicated to enhancing the human condition and protecting your health.  And it is about time!  Allopathic medicine’s approach to health and its chasing of symptoms is a mindless and endless, egregious abyss, leading one to stay on a “merry-go-round” of unending medical tests (some often repeated for no reason), endless and expensive drug use – all in the name of profit and the promotion of seemingly endless human suffering.   It is a fantastic system designed for a single purpose – generating profit no matter the cost to the individual – even it if costs them their very lives!  In fact, the system depends on sort of a protracted, slow-suicide committed on the part of the participants/patients.  Let’s just call a spade a spade: the current system is NOT one of health care, rather one of disease maintenance.  You see there is no real money in teaching people to care for themselves and the planet as a whole.  Where is THAT class in school or college?  There is also no real money in dead people – because dead people cannot work endless hours for the system at a job they absolutely hate so they can make money to pay for the drugs (and other things) they don’t need.  No, no – the money is in people who are alive…sort of.
But here’s the bitch of it all: this is exactly what most people want. The hell I say?  Who would willingly want to participate in such a ridiculous and preposterous sham?  The answer – Most people.  You see, there is nothing more exquisitely pleasant than to be able to place the blame or responsibility, particularly when it comes to one’s health, on someone or something else.  Big pharma and big medicine are aware of this.  People want someone, like a doctor, to tell them what to do without having to actually do any critical thinking of their own to arrive at any real, logical conclusion.  They want the answers made and given to them by an authority figure of some kind.  Just look at the way drugs are marketed these days.  The ads are designed to place one in a perpetual state of fear.  When scared nearly to death, a person is likely to do just about anything in an attempt to re-establish a sense of safety, security, and survival – no matter the cost.  This significantly decreases the likelihood that the individual in question will make rational and logical decisions.    
Creating abundant health has very little to do with anything that allopathic medicine has to offer.  Now, don’t get things twisted here.  I would personally say that in terms of emergency medicine and triage care, allopathic and western medicine has the best of things to offer.  If I were to lacerate my femoral artery in a car accident; I do not want to be taken to a Holistic Health Practitioner, Naturopath, or an Acupuncture treatment – get me to a vascular surgeon FAST.  But for anything chronic in nature, allopathic medicine falls way short.  Creating health has nothing to do with the treatment or elimination of symptoms.  Clear example: a person has high cholesterol.  They are prescribed a statin drug.  The individual takes the drug as told.  Cholesterol levels normalize.  What happens when the drug is discontinued?  In 96% of cases, cholesterol will go back up!  The way I interpret that is that the drug simply masked the symptom or branch of the problem, while the underlying problem (root) is still there.  While on the drug, the symptom (high cholesterol) is gone, but does this mean that we have created a greater state of health and well-being.  No, it does not. 
A Creative Journey
The creation of health is exactly that….a creation.  It is not something that comes in a bag, a box, or even in a pill.  It is a constant, never-ending journey of improving the way you breathe, drink, eat, sleep, move and think – and that last one is a doozey!  True health, health on a holistic scale (mind, body, and spirit) requires an awareness of the innate wisdom of the body and recognizing Self, rather than an external source, as an authority on what is right for you and your body.  This, of course, is on the opposite end of the spectrum from what the current allopathic/western model of medicine is putting forth. 
A typical physician is in a very powerful position of authority over the vast majority of his/her patients.  In many instances, the Parent-Child Archetypal pattern of this relationship seriously clouds the judgment and decision making skills of the patient.  This can easily lead to a scenario like the one I mentioned at the beginning of this post.    
Statistics over the last 10-13 years indicate that the United States spends the greatest percentage of its GDP on “Healthcare” than any other industrialized nation, yet the U.S. ranks between 17th and 39th in all major health categories.  We are conditioned to believe that because this is America, we are the best.  Unfortunately, that is a complete fallacy where health and/or “healthcare” is concerned.  25% of the population is either diabetic or sitting on it’s doorstep.  85% of all people are taking at least one prescription drug (this includes children).  14% of adults between the ages of 45-64 are Diabetic.  One in two will end up with cancer at some point in their lifetime.  22% of women between the ages of 45-64 are taking antidepressant drugs.  In the middle of the last decade, antidepressant med usage has more than QUADRUPLED in every age group of women compared to previous stats during 1988-2004.  Approximately 90% of the population is dealing with increased oxidative stress (stress at the cell level).  And perhaps the worst statistic of them all – between 2007 and 2008 nearly 20% of children between the ages of 6-11 are obese.  These are the individuals who will be tasked with leading the world in future generations and they are sick and diseased by the time they are out of grade school!  I can assure you this number has not improved in the last 5 years.  And people still have the nerve to call this system “healthcare”?  Are you kidding me?
It is very clear that the current model of “healthcare” is not related to health in any way. Physicians in the medical “merry-go-round” are not trained to help you create a better state of health.  Rather, they are trained in the treatment of symptoms, disease care, and the use of drugs, surgery and pathological diagnostics.  (And yes, that can and does have a place.)  The “modus operandi” is…symptoms, diagnosis, and then treatment, which is likely to be a prescription drug of some kind, a surgical procedure, or referral for additional testing –which may not actually be necessary.  
A Radical Alternative
What would happen if we began educating people about what it really takes to create a happy, healthy body from a very young age?  What if we could arm ourselves with enough information about health and how the body actually works so that we might not ever need to see a physician?  What if the importance of breath and movement were taught early in life?  What if we were all taught at least the basics of how to actually till the Earth to produce nutritious foodstuff?  What if proper movement and development of the locomotor system were taught and implemented from infancy?  What if we were to emphasize personal and spiritual evolution over external competition?  What if children were taught how to care for the body-mind instead of being placed in front of a television that programs them for disease and illness (simply observe the majority of television commercials on a children’s channel).  I realize that all of that seems a bit radical, and I am not suggesting that we do away with Western medicine – what I am suggesting is that before we subject ourselves to a battery of tests and unnecessary drug use, why not learn to do the things required of a happy, healthy body to begin with.  Then and only then, if those methods prove unsuccessful, do we seek out the council of someone trained in pathology and symptom treatment.
Of course, people are going to blast me – I have grown used to that – for suggesting such a bombastic idea.  Admittedly, this mentality is likely only to be embraced by but a few who are willing to step off of the medical “merry-go-round” and actually take responsibility for everything s/he creates in their Life.  Being truly healthy is about taking ownership of your Self.  The ability to replace the need for a primary care physician is not even a remote possibility if we are unwilling to examine the thought processes around health with which we have been conditioned / programmed.  To create abundant health, there must be an intense, INTRINSIC desire for change and transformation, as well as an innate desire to learn about what health really is and what it takes to create it.
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